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Holland Bendelow has launched ‘The Essential AIM Stock Market Guide ’. This whitepaper provides a wealth of information for companies that may be considering floating on the AIM Stock Market, and is designed to provide enough information to enable the decision process, before taking further advice from a consultancy such as ourselves. To learn more about this invaluable guide and download your FREE copy please visit the website here.


Falling costs of joining AIM

The cost of joining AIM (The London Stock Exchanges junior stock market) has fallen for the first time in seven years, driven down by competition amongst AIM advisors and brokers over the rates they charge for undertaking AIM IPO’s. The most recent survey by accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young shows that the average costs associated with an AIM stock market flotation now equates to 8.4 per cent of all funds raised by a company on the market. This has reduced significantly from an average of 10.6 per cent in 2011. Good news too for companies considering a fundraising on ...


When the banks say NO

When the banks say NO, is AIM the alternative to raising cash in 2013? In the years pre 2006 many growing SME’s used a flotation on AIM as strategy to raise investment capital and as a longer term exit route for existing shareholders. As the recession kicked in, and companies battened down the hatches the profile of AIM somewhat diminished as did the number of companies lining up to join the market. AIM hit a low when throughout the whole of 2009 only 36 new companies joined the market, the lowest number on record. ...