Feasibility Stage

Deciding whether and how to float your company is one of the most important business decisions that you make. Obtaining expert advice is therefore essential at the earliest stage in the decision making process. The work that we undertake with our clients at this early stage enables the right decisions to be made about flotation.

Our feasibility studies are important and cost effective tools which provide unique insights into how flotation can be achieved. Through both quantative and qualitative research methodology, we establish if, how and when our clients could float. We are also able to highlight and address key areas within our client’s business strategy which may be reshaped and result in a considerable improvement in the company’s valuation at flotation.

We are able to forecast the likely funds that could be raised at flotation and at subsequent share issues, the likely valuation of the company, the costs of flotation, the most appropriate advisor and broker teams for the company, an achievable timetable, sector analysis and likely investing institutions, as well as addressing important corporate governance issues.