Stock Market Listings

We specialise in advising companies that are considering a listing, or already listed on the following stock markets:

  • AIM (The Alternative Investment Market)
  • The Standard Sector of the Main Market
  • The Premium Sector of the Main Market
  • Aquis Growth Market
  • Aquis Main Market
  • Depositary Receipts (Standard Listing)
  • The Specialist Fund Market
  • The Professional Securities Market
  • Asset Match



Expert advice in specialist areas

Our comprehensive range of advice on corporate transactions to both pre and post stock market companies, includes:

  • Preparing initial proposal documents
  • New shareholder engagement
  • Pre-flotation strategy
  • Investor targeting
  • Pre-float funding
  • Feasibility studies
  • IPO’s
  • Regulatory market guidance
  • Private Placings
  • Market intelligence
  • Cash shell transactions
  • Business sector intelligence
  • Acquisition funding
  • Capital markets training
  • International IPO’s
  • Transfers between stock markets
  • Valuation assessment
  • Secondary listings
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Exit strategies
  • Bonds
  • Partial and full exit options for existing shareholders
  • Cryptocurrency



Why Holland Bendelow?

We have an enviable track record in managing and overseeing the IPO process from feasibility stage, to successful completion. In addition, we are able to take on much of the heavy lifting involved in the process of flotation, freeing up your senior management team to focus on your business.



Alternative finance

We are focused on assisting our clients along the various stages of their growth trajectory. This service is complementary to all our flotation services, ensuring that there is a seamless transition from private funding through to IPO and subsequent on-market equity capital raises.

Alternative finance solutions are generally not restricted to size or a particular business sector. In many cases we work with smaller companies to put in place immediate funding that can enable a variety of important tasks to be undertaken at key stages in a company’s lifecycle including; proof of concept, patent protection, ISO standard, recruitment of Executive and Non-Executive Directors and key technical personal.