Key Services

Assessing the viability of a flotation

Clients contact us initially to establish the viability of floating their companies and undertaking fundraisings on the UK Stock Markets. Our focus is to properly assess businesses and their suitability, undertaking qualitative and quantitative research to establish if, how and when our clients could float and raise investment capital.

Maximising the valuation

We ensure that our clients’ businesses are properly prepared for public markets, addressing key factors that will have a positive effect on the value of the company at flotation and subsequently.

Minimising the costs of Flotation

We carefully manage the costs of a flotation ensuring these stay within or under budget.

Preparing the Senior Management Team

The perceived strength of a company’s board may have a bearing on the both the value of the company and its fundraising capacity. Holland Bendelow have a track record of preparing board members for the disciplines of public markets, and, where appropriate, enhancing existing management teams through strategic appointments.

Advising on Exit strategies for existing company shareholders.

We work with clients and their existing shareholders to secure the most appropriate exit options, whether that be via a trade sale or flotation, maximising shareholder value.

Reverse transactions into listed shell companies

Researching suitable shell companies, initiating approaches and managing negotiations, then securing the most compatible the best equity deals.