25 June 2009 | General News

Plus Markets new initiatives to help companies

The PLUS Stock Exchange has introduced  3 new initiatives to support PLUS company liquidity, company visibility and companies considering joining the market.

Three new services have been announced:

  • PLUS-SX has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Interactive Investor, one of the UK’s           leading online financial services providers, to develop online trading for PLUS-SX stocks.
  • PLUS-SX plans to launch PLUS Analytix, a new web-based service designed to increase the visibility and liquidity of PLUS-SX issuers.  The service is targeted at investors and is an analytical tool based on the factual information investors typically use when reaching investment decisions, including price/earnings ratios, performance against sector, historical data and trend analysis.
  • Holland Bendelow are delighted to be involved in the new PLUS-SX Mentor Programme, which provides potential PLUS-SX companies with access to market practitioners who  share their practical knowledge of public markets companies considering joining the PLUS stock markets.

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