About Us

'Advising a range of companies on stock market flotation. From early stage to international groups.'

What we do

SONY DSCHolland Bendelow are the UK’s leading flotation consultancy, with a successful track record of advising UK and International companies on every area of stock market flotation.

We specialise in advising pre-float companies considering listing on ISDX, AIM, The Main Market, and Asset Match.

Our roots

The company was established in 2005 by John Holland the current senior partner. John previously headed the UK regional operation at the London Stock Exchange, responsible for both AIM and The Main Market. John had been advising companies about stock market flotation since 1995. He has presented or chaired over 70 conferences and seminars on flotation related topics and is a regular author of company finance and stock market articles and publications.

Our philosophy

To offer the very best flotation and stock market advice and services in a professional, confidential and jargon free manor, putting clients’ needs at the centre of every assignment.

Our future

The company has offices in London and Leeds, with satellites in Bristol and Cambridge.We are looking forward to opening our first overseas office in 2016.