Why float on The Main Market?

The opportunity to raise significant finance for your company’s development.

Companies that float on the Main Market benefit from access to deep pools of institutional investment funds. Large institutional investors provide the majority of investment funding, and there are over  5,000 pension, insurance and investment funds in the UK that use the Main Market as a conduit to invest in listed companies. In addition, The Main Market provides access to funding from ISA and PEP funds who invest in Main Market companies. More than 14 million retail ISA and PEP holders are required to buy equities on the Main Market when considering the UK equity component of their plans.

An exit route for your existing shareholders

The Main Market enables existing shareholders in your company to exit or part exit at the time of the flotation, or subsequently.

Creating a heightened profile for your company

The Main Market is, without doubt the most prestigious and visible stock market in the UK, and one of the most visible and well regarded across the world. Flotation on the Main Market provides the opportunity to significantly enhance a company’s status and profile with customers and suppliers. Main Market companies may also benefit from more beneficial terms from banks, other lenders and insurance companies because of their status.

Inclusion in FTSE’s world-class indices

When joining the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market a company joins an elite set of indices. The indices which are used to compare a company’s performance against its peers, also help to focus investors attention on particular sectors.

Dedicated segments for technology and healthcare companies

The Main Market is the only market that provides companies who operate in the technology or healthcare sectors with the benefit of inclusion in special dedicated segments. techMARK and techMARK Mediscience are segments of the Main Market which are designed to provide investors in The Main Market with clear identification of companies operating in these exiting sectors.

Membership of techMARK and techMARK Mediscience demonstrates a company’s commitment to technical innovation and provides increased media awareness of companies through their inclusion in the FTSE techMARK index series and the associated funds.