Main Market FAQ’s

How do Main Market companies become part of the FTSE UK index series?

Companies who have their primary listing on the Main Market are eligible for inclusion in the FTSE UK Index Series. Companies who have a secondary listing on the Main Market are not eligible.

Why is the FTSE UK index important?

Companies that become a constituent of the FTSE UK Index benefit because investors in the market are provided with a more visible benchmarking of the different stocks on the market. This helps to create a sound basis for portfolio trading, particularly for institutional investors offering retail funds, which may benchmark the Main Market’s various indices including the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE Small Cap and FTSE All-Share.

Together these indices account for a huge amount of investment in the London markets, with over 60 per cent in tracker funds that are obliged to purchase exposure to the constituents of these indices.

Is techMARK a separate stock market?

techMARK is a segment of the Main Market which was introduced by the London Stock Exchange to provide a clearer focus on innovative technology companies. techMARK is not a separate stock market, although companies who are eligible to receive the techMARK branding are also eligible to the FTSE techMARK indices.