9 May 2022 | General News

London Stock Markets Update

We recently completed our review of the UK stock markets during Quarter 1 2022

2021 saw very high levels of IPO activity and fundraising and the IPO pipeline continued into the first quarter of 2022.

Whilst macroeconomic conditions were under pressure from higher levels of inflation, increasing interests rates and the conflict in Eastern Europe, nevertheless the UK stock market demonstrated considerable resilience.

During the period the FTSE 100 outperformed all major stock market indices in Europe and the US, finishing up 2.08% over the period.

The London Stock Exchange was the most active equity market in Europe, and over the period over £6.3bn was raised by companies though IPO’s and further issues. This represented over 3x more than any other European stock market.

The best performing sectors during Q1 were the Energy up 24.3%, Basic Materials up 17%, Healthcare up 8.6%, Utilities up 8% and Telecoms up 7.3%. Other sectors that performed well during the period included Real Estate, Technology related sectors, Food and Leisure sectors.



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