Why float on ISDX Growth Market?

Companies choose The ISDX Growth Market for a variety of reasons. The key reasons are listed below:

A source of finance for your company’s development

An admission to ISDX may provide access to long-term investment capital for the development of your business. The raising of finance can be undertaken by your company at the time of the initial flotation on ISDX, or at a later date through subsequent issues of company shares.

An exit route for your existing shareholders

ISDX provides the opportunity to increase your company’s shareholder base and thereby provide existing shareholders in your company with an exit, or part exit opportunity.

A platform from which to increase your company’s profile

Flotation on ISDX may enable your company to benefit from a higher public profile, with the opportunity to use the enhanced profile to promote the company and improve brand awareness.

Enhanced status with your customers and suppliers

A flotation on ISDX may improve your company’s credibility and standing with your customers, suppliers and even banks and insurers.

Less onerous admission requirements than AIM and the Main Market

ISDX’s more lenient admission requirements and continuing obligations make it less onerous and less costly than floating on The London Stock Exchanges Main Market or AIM.