The Essential Guide to ISDX


The Ultimate Guide to ISDX

ISDX is an independent stock exchange formed in 2012 when PLUS Markets Group, a small UK stock market based in London, was acquired by ICAP. The market was subsequently rebranded as ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange or ISDX. ISDX
operates two stock markets, the ISDX Growth Market and the ISDX Main Board.

ISDX (formerly known as PLUS-SX) has some advantages over AIM for smaller companies looking to access a stock market and raise funding

Unlike AIM which is part of The London Stock Exchange, ISDX is an independent UK stock exchange regulated by the Financial Services Authority and by ICAP plc. ISDX is in fact 2 separate stock markets. The ISDX Growth Market, which is designed for smaller and growing companies, and The ISDX Main Board designed for larger companies.

The ISDX Growth Market’s focus on smaller businesses means that the rules and requirements for a company to be admitted to trading are significantly less onerous than they are on AIM, and this is reflected in the considerably lower admission costs for ISDX.

The Benefits of ISDX

  • Access to equity growth capital
  • A mechanism that enables companies to raise additional capital on an ongoing basis though the further issue of shares
  • A platform from which a company is able to broaden their shareholder base
  • The ability to introduce share based incentive schemes which can be useful in motivating, retaining and recruiting key employees
  • A valuation of a company
  • The potential to use shares as acquisition currency

For more detailed information download the essential guide to ISDX here