What is the first step in your decision process?

There are both benefits and drawbacks involved in floating a company and it is usually helpful to undertake a feasibility exercise prior to commencing the process and incurring transaction fees.


Providing the information you need to make the right decisions

A feasibility exercise can be undertaken quickly and confidentially by Holland Bendelow’s flotation experts. This cost effective exercise provides your management team with an accurate assessment as to relative benefits and drawbacks of an Aquis (AQSE) flotation for your company’s particular circumstances. Once this is completed, your management team will be able to make a informed decision about if, and when to proceed with a flotation on Aquis.

It is beneficial for companies to have an up to date business plan and future projections prior to the commencement of a feasibility exercise. If you have not already prepared these documents, we can prepare professionally written business plans and assist in preparation of forward projections.


What makes a successful Aquis company?

Harvard Business School’s research over a 10 year period found that the key to a successful flotation is ensuring that the time spent prior to the flotation is used effectively in preparing both the company and the management team for the process of flotation. We fully subscribe to these findings and ensure that all of our clients are properly prepared flotation any Aquis stock market.