The Aquis Stock Exchange operates two stock markets, the AQSE Main Market and the AQSE Growth Market.

The AQSE Growth Market is designed specifically for smaller growing companies looking for a first step onto the UK public market ladder and access to growth capital. The rules governing the market have been designed to be appropriate to the needs of smaller and mid -sized companies whilst offering investor basic safeguards.

The AQSE Main Market is a stock market designed for large companies. Companies wishing to join should have a minimum 3 year track record and comply with the FCA’s Listing Authority rules.

AQSE Stock Exchange has an ‘Impact Segment’ which is designed to highlight those listed companies that are acknowledged as having a positive environmental or social impact.

The Essential Aquis Stock Exchange Guide will be of interest to companies that are considering a listing on one of the AQSE Stock Markets, (AQSE Growth Market or AQSE Main Market). The guide covers the listing process, cost of joining, and other key issues to consider ahead of listing. 

Aquis Stock Exchange Guide