The AIM stock market is widely regarded as the most successful junior stock market in the world. For more than 25 years it has provided a listing venue for growing companies from the UK and around the world. Through economic recession’s, and more recently a global pandemic, AIM has remained an effective stock market enabling companies to raise funding both at the time of admission to the market and also post listing.

Whilst the majority of AIM companies have joined the market to raise capital, AIM offers companies other benefits too. These include enhanced corporate profile, the ability to use their company’s shares as currency to make acquisitions, and if required, a strategic exit or partial exit for existing shareholders. In addition, investors in AIM companies may qualify for certain tax benefits which acts as an incentive, encouraging investment in smaller and earlier stage companies. 

The essential AIM Stock Market Guide focuses on the most important areas for consideration that companies should take into account ahead of commencing the AIM listing process. These include how to join AIM, the different types of listing, what investors are looking for in AIM companies, AIM for non UK companies, and more.

AIM Stock Market Guide