AIM cash shells are businesses with money on their balance sheet, but no trading operations that are listed on The London Stock Exchange’s AIM Stock Market and Main Market.

For some privately owned companies, using an existing AIM cash shell can provide a less risky route to joining the market than the more conventional method of admission and fund raising.

The key benefits of reversing into an AIM cash shell are:

Holland Bendelow have recently introduced the ‘AIM Cash Shells Guide’ as an essential guide to AIM cash shells, this whitepaper provides an overview for companies that may be considering a reverse transaction into an AIM cash shell and is designed to demystify the process of undertaking reverse transactions and removes some of the unnecessary city jargon.

  • There is a transparent amount of cash already in the shell ready to invest in the right company.
  • By comparison with the conventional AIM flotation, the fact that cash is already in the shell means that, in some respects, a reverse into an AIM cash shell may be regarded as a lower risk. Certainly the transaction does not rely on attracting new investors to support a fundraising at the time of admission to AIM.
  • A reverse transaction into an existing AIM cash shell may be quicker and therefore a less costly method of achieving an admission to AIM, and at the same time, accessing cash to grow a business.

AIM Cash Shells Guide